For the Pros

In-Depth Cleaning

After construction or renovation, floors and finishes might need extra cleaning care. In addition to wood and many other household surfaces, Murphy* Oil Soap also safely cleans linoleum, vinyl and laminate flooring such as Pergo. Before cleaning, always test first.

To test the durability of a finish:

  1. First wash a small, hidden area with plain water.
  2. If the finish doesn't change in appearance, proceed to clean with Murphy* Oil Soap, according to package directions.
  3. If the finish does change in appearance, advise the client not to do anything until you gather more information.

Protect from Harmful Substances

Everyday household items can be hazardous to wood floors. Advise your clients to protect wood surfaces from these dangers:

  • Alcohol — found in perfume, cologne, wine, beer, liquor, and many medicines.
  • Acetone — found in nail polish remover and paint thinner.
  • Solvents, acids, and alkaline chemicals — found in many cleaning substances.

Treat Minor Scratches, Marks, and Stains

Advise your clients to avoid scratches and marks by immediately wiping up spills and protecting heavy-traffic areas with rugs or mats. If the damage has been done, try these steps:

  • For waxed floors, many marks and stains can be removed by rubbing the affected area with fine steel wool and a wood floor cleaner like Murphy* Oil Soap. Try this on animal stains, mold, heel marks, water marks, and superficial cigarette burns. Reapply wax after removing the mark.
  • For food stains, use a sharpened blade to remove food matter, being careful not to scratch the finish. Rub the spot with a damp cloth and then dry it. If the wood has a wax finish, reapply wax in the affected spot.
  • For stubborn marks, local supermarkets and hardware stores carry scratch-cover liquids, wax sticks, and felt-tip touch-up pens.

Refinish When Needed

When the floor shows signs of wear, or if bare unfinished spots appear, then it's time to refinish. This occurs most often in high-traffic areas or under chair legs. Don't wait until the finish is completely gone; check high-traffic areas often. Most floors can go an average of five years after refinishing, although it can range anywhere from three to ten years. You may also choose refinishing to change the color of the floor or improve its shine. For best results, always call a professional refinisher for the job, one who is a member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA).

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