Colgate-Palmolive Canada Inc. Voluntarily Recalling From Retail Trade Colgate 360 Replaceable Head Battery Powered Toothbrushes

March 27th, 2012

Colgate-Palmolive Canada has initiated a voluntary recall from the retail trade of the Colgate 360 Replaceable Head Battery Powered Toothbrushes in Canada due to a potential malfunction that may pose a safety risk.

In November Colgate recalled its Motion battery toothbrushes in Canada due to the potential malfunction, which the company believes is due to a build-up of battery gas, primarily linked to consumers' use of replacement batteries. There have been no such reports in Canada involving the Colgate 360 Battery Powered Toothbrush, however out of an abundance of caution Colgate is voluntarily recalling the toothbrush from the retail trade.

Colgate added a vent to current production of the Colgate 360 battery toothbrush. Replacement brushes with this vent — a small round opening in the back of the handle – are being delivered to retailers.

No other Colgate Powered Toothbrushes and no Colgate Manual Toothbrushes are covered by this action.

Colgate wants consumers to be confident in the safety and effectiveness of its products. If you have one of the affected brushes and you would like to return it to us, we will be pleased to help you. Consumers in the Canada can call
1-800-268-6757, or email us for details at

Colgate 360 Replaceable Head Battery Powered Toothbrushes