Frequently Asked Questions

Find fast answers to your Colgate Total* questions.
Fights germs 12 hours which helps prevent:
  • Plaque
  • Gingivitis
  • Tartar Build-up
  • Bad Breath


What is daily oral health care?


The best way to remove decay‐causing plaque is by brushing and cleaning between the teeth every day. Brushing removes plaque from the tooth surfaces. Dentists recommend brushing teeth twice a day, with a soft‐bristled brush. The size and shape of the brush should fit the mouth, so all areas can be reached easily. A toothpaste that contains fluoride should be used, which helps protect teeth from decay. Cleaning between the teeth once a day with floss or interdental cleaners removes plaque from between the teeth, areas where the toothbrush can't reach. It is essential in preventing gum disease.
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