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Where can I buy Fleecy*?

Fleecy* fabric softener is sold in stores across Canada. For the store nearest you please call 1-800-268-6757

In what sizes is Fleecy* available?

Fleecy* is available in a variety of sizes

  • 2X Concentrated Liquid

  • 1.6L

  • Dryer Sheets

  • 40, 80, 120, and 200 sheets

What fragrances are offered by Fleecy*?

Fleecy* is available in a variety of fragrances: Fresh Air* (blue), Aroma Therapy Relax (purple) and Aroma Therapy Calm (yellow).

Can I use liquid and sheets in the same load?

Absolutely! For the ultimate in softness, fragrance and static control use Fleecy* liquid in the washer and Fleecy* sheets in the dryer. Matching the scent of your liquids and sheets will make the great Fleecy* fragrance even better.

Laundry Tips Back to Top

Try adding a Fleecy* dryer sheet every time you use Fleecy* liquid for an irresistible fragrance from washer to dryer.

For larger loads or extra softness and fragrance simply use a full cap of Fleecy* fabric softener.

Dryer Sheet Tips Back to Top
  • To ensure freshness use a new dryer sheet every load

  • Try using more than one sheet in the dryer for an extra touch of freshness or for larger loads

  • For that fresh Fleecy* scent in new places try adding Fleecy* dryer sheets to:
    • Drawers
    • Cars
    • Closets
    • Suitcases
    • Gym bags

  • Use a low heat setting for synthetic fibres

  • Clean lint trap in dryer after each load

  • For faster and better drying do not overfill dryer

Hang sheets freely or place in an envelope to avoid direct contact with fabric